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“A Software Developer, specializing in the backend development arena. I have been developing using Rust, Python, JavaScript / TypeScript, SQL, and Java programming languages.

I also have experience working with React and Nextjs for Frontend Development and Node.js, Django, Express, and Flask for the Backend.

Familiar with DevOps tools ( Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, GitHub Actions, Nginx, and AWS ).

Technologies I used: Linux, REST API, Redux, GraphQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Git.

I have worked in many domains like FinTech, Blockchain, and Web Development, and am passionate about learning and trying new stuff.

I currently focusing on low-level development using Rust, Microservices, and open to learn any new stack.”


  • Phone: +971 5096 00563
  • Mail: omarelweshy@gmail.com

You can reach me out on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. You can also find me on GitHub, Stackoverflow, Goodreads and ASk.fm for technical Questions

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